What is the problem with plastic?

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It lasts over 400 years

That plastic bottle will far outlive you and your children.
Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists.
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8 million tons a year

We dump 8 million tons of plastic in the sea every year.
That's one bin lorry every minute.
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Plastic Soup

The Pacific Garbage Patch is bigger than Greenland.
A toxic scum 9 feet deep, holding 7 million tons of plastic.
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Destroying ecosystems

100,000 marine animals die every year because of plastic.
From birds to turtles to plankton, everything is affected.
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Recycling is not the answer

Plastic recycling is actually downcycling.
It is often made into lower grade non-recyclable products.
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Dangerous Chemicals

Plastic does not degrade, it just breaks into small pieces.
Plastics leach dangerous chemicals into water and food.
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What can we all do about it?



Learn about why plastic is such a big problem, what dangers it presents to our oceans and to human health, and why recycling is not the solution. 
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Reduce your plastic use! It doesn't take much to eliminate a lot of the single-use disposable plastic from your daily life. Not only do you have a direct impact, but you set a good example to others. Click here for a simple guide to get you started!



Spread the word and share your own progress on social media! Individual contributions are an important starting point but just think how much more of an impact your family and friends could have if they joined in.